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"A drop of ink may make a million think. "
--James Neill

     Ihave a heartfelt passion for all things natural, with a desire to preserve Mother Nature’s Bounty untarnished and pure.  My deep concern for the health of our society has awakened in me a quest to create awareness into the hazardous practices affecting our existing food supply.    Along with my love of nature, my mom instilled within me a profound love and respect for all animals.  Like her, my heart aches whenever I witness or hear of our “beloved beasties” being treated with anything less than kindness and respect.  Whether they are with us in the role of a pet or perhaps marked for “human consumption”, they deserve a good life and gentle treatment. 

      After uncovering the revelations of the blatant manipulations of our food supply while researching for this book, I almost became consumed with an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability and hopelessness.  I mean, who am I, merely one concerned U.S. consumer, to think that I can take on “Goliath”? This dark force - the mysterious corporate and agri-biz giants seemingly cooking up their chemical cocktails they would serve in the name of profit, no matter the cost to our health and quality of life?

           After head-butting the emotional wall, I came to a place of inevitable calm. I found that while this situation seemed dire on the surface, I wondered if these responsible businesses, looking to us as no more than profit centers might be persuaded to adjust their tactics if we joined energies and “vote with our dollar in the marketplace”. We could also use our pens, voices and legs to demand that foods containing GMO’s be labeled not later - now. We could grow our own organic gardens; join food co-ops; frequent farmers’ markets and engage organic delivery services.

           Also, I learned that there are humane ranchers who treat animals “destined for human consumption” to fresh air and room to move and eat uncontaminated food, grazing on actual grass, their best form of nutrition, not just contaminated grain as is the practic in Confined Animal Feeding Organizations (CAFO’s). Instead, they house “contented cows” and poultry, that put on natural fat rather than slaughtering them before they are old enough to do so as is the standard in CAFO’s.

           I felt compelled to share the fruits of my research and explored the art of writing,,. I was reminded of great consumer crusaders like Ralph Nader who founded Consumer Rights; Erin Brokovich who so valiantly fought the giants over the quality of our water supply and those consumer groups who pushed back against the tobacco companies to bring them to justice. I decided that perhaps my one voice could make a difference! I also recalled a favorite quote:

“Well behaved women rarely make history”
---Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
           These great crusaders upon whose shoulders I humbly stand, have greatly influenced and educated me. They helped me know that I needed to do something. I chose to find out everything I could about what was happening with our food supply. I dredged up many articles, opinions in its history and predictions for future should we maintain this course. I attempted to harvest from the most reputable of sources. Since I’m neither expert nor doctor, I decided to do my best to introduce my concerns and offer a narrative within this format to walk you through my discovery process. Included within are many links to additional resources should you wish to further pursue them. This is truly only the tip of the iceberg – the more I found, the more I saw there was waiting to discover – answers and more questions.

           I hope you will find this format one that will help you read a lot of what I found and form your own conclusions, digging deeper or just walking away if it isn’t something that resonates with you now. It’s truly all good….

           Please be assured that I come to this place honestly from a genuine and deep caring for and about others, our planet and its animals. It is not my intention to attempt to force my concerns and opinions upon anyone else but to share in case it is of interest and appearing at a time that is meaningful for you.

            Thank you for your time and consideration. I welcome your respectful comments and suggestions by e-mail on how this blog might be improved. Please visit often while we continue to build content. If you like what we're doing, kindly consider "following" us!

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