What are GMOs?

When we know better, we do better.”
---Maya Angelou

If you haven't a clue what a GMO is, don't feel alone - while I have heard of them mentioned here and there over the past 15 years or so, they didn't really register on my radar until recently.  However, now that I have learned a lot about them, I feel so strongly about sharing with you what I'm uncovering.... 

I hope you will allow me to share this awesome clip from young Mr. Baehr for I am unable to explain genetically modified organisms more simply or eloquently --

11-year-old Birke Baehr presents his take on a major source of our food -- far-away and less-than-picturesque industrial farms. Keeping farms out of sight promotes a rosy, unreal picture of big-box agriculture, he argues, as he outlines the case to green and localize food production.

INSERT Kelly Hayford's material and maybe info or clip from Jeff Smith?

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