Farm to Table Restaurants -- embracing the S.O.U.L. vision.... this case, S.O.U.L stands for:

           When one is striving to embrace a healthier nutrition program, especially one that is plant-based, one can find a veritable wasteland in the sea of restaurant offerings...  It seems to be much better in larger cities, especially the ones that have a large university presence like Boulder, Denver and even Colorado Springs, Colorado. 
           Here, you will find a growing collection of commentary, reviews and links to restaurants in the Denver metro area that are environmentally conscious, "walking their talk" and demonstrating their appreciation and respect for our planet, ethical treatment of animals and the value of REAL food.  They support the SOUL principles; their local farmers and strive to reduce the distance between farm and table.  Theirs isn't the fastest or most economical way, but patrons today seem to be appreciating these qualities, judging by their increasing numbers.  
           Luna invites recommendations of "SOUL-ful" Denver restaurants including the surrounding communities:  from Boulder to the north, Evergreen to the West, Aurora to the East and Colorado/Manitou Springs to the South.  Terms that catch our attention for potential candidates making the cut for on-site samplings and potential interviews feature adjectieves such as locavore, ecologically correct, organic, artisanal, farm-to-table, community, slow-food and grass-fed in describing their mission...
           Restaurants that Luna plans to visit during the next couple of months include:

Adams' Mountain Cafe - Manitou Springs, CO
Root Down - Denver, CO
Black Cat - Boulder, CO
           To further illustrate the philosophy we admire here at 'naturalwellness101", this intro from the following video clip from the folks at 

"If you've been in a restaurant kitchen, you've seen how much food, water and energy can be wasted there. Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson shares his very personal vision for drastically reducing restaurant, and supermarket, waste -- creating recycling, composting, sustainable engines for good (and good food)."
Supermarkets have branches, farmers markets have roots.....
            I was happy to learn about this great organization - find your local chapter today!

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