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Are you achy all over? Perhaps the culprit is in your tap water....

I don't know about you, but the younger I get, the more achy I'm feeling -  all over... 

I'm working on flexibility exercises and working out almost every day - also, I plan to start "oil pulling therapy" next week, following the book, "Oil Pulling Therapy" by Dr. Bruce Fife,  that is purported by thousands of testimonials to virtually cure this along with many other maladies. 

However, since our tap water here in the burbs of Denver smells like a swimming pool, I am thinking that our making our morning coffee from it isn't such a great idea after all.  I had previously been told that if it is heated, the chlorine's effect is knocked out - not sure about that, but am guessing that perhaps it doesn't take away the toxicity of fluoride. 

I make our toothpaste using coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint oil - haven't used fluoridated toothpaste for years and drink spring water for hydration but have been lazy, using tap water for coffee.  I will start substituting spring water for a couple of weeks and see if that doesn't make a difference - will be happy to share here what my results are with this test as well...  We have been very happy with Eldorado Natural Spring Water - we have a cooler here at home and it's delightfully cold, odorless and tasteless - what a concept! 

Sending a big thank you to Peter Glickman for the following informative article:

"Arthritis" & Fluoride

The "tangle" of fluoridation and the US Government dates from the 1930's when Francis Frary, Chief Scientist of the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa), concerned about the fluoride pollution from Aluminum plants suggested fluoride strengthened teeth.

Across the Atlantic, in Denmark, Kaj Roholm, Copenhagen's Deputy Health Minister, repeated a study done at Johns Hopkins University in 1925 showing that fluoride actually weakened teeth. (Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 63 (1925), p. 553) Roholm published his work in 1937, which referenced 893 scientific articles on fluoride. He made the point that fluoride waste from factories had etched windows, crippled cattle, and damaged vegetation. He urged no fluoride to be given to children at all. He believed that its horrific effects could be due to the fact that it destroyed enzyme action in the body. (Enzymes are the chemical messengers that bring about hundreds of chemical reactions in our bodies.)

By 1943, the US had a bigger problem, World War II, and strangely enough fluoride played a central role. In order to make just one single atom bomb, the Manhattan Project (the code name for the Army project to build the atom bomb) needed 12,000 workers, enough electricity to power New York City, and 33 tons of uranium hexafluoride gas each month! And to prevent Germany from discovering the process, the existence of fluoride had to be kept secret, which wasn't easy as at many of the fluoride manufacturing plants, the "spillage" of fluoride gas was destroying crops, crippling animals and killing a few people. As you might suspect, this lead to several law suits against the defense contractors, which was viewed by General Groves, who headed the Manhattan project, as a major threat to the wartime effort. He responded by making all the documents relating to fluoride secret and persuading a group of scientists to provide those contractors with studies that downplayed fluoride's role in these catastrophes.

In 1944, the US Public Health Service held a conference on fluoride, which was secretly financed by the Medical Director for the Manhattan Project. It was at this conference that the idea to test fluoridation of public water supplies was put forward. The Chief Dental Officer of the New York Health Department, Dr. David Ast, volunteered to set up a test on Newburgh, NY. A technical advisory committee was set up to guide that test and Dr. Harold Hodge, a scientist from the University of Rochester (NY) was appointed chairman of that committee. Hodge was also the head of poison testing for the Manhattan Project, by the way.
In 1953, Dr. George Waldbott began investigating fluoride. Dr. Waldbott was vice president of the American College of Allergists; was applauded in Time magazine for his discovery that some people had fatal allergic reactions to penicillin; and published the first report in 1953 on the dangers of smoking.

Dr. Waldbott wrote Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma, in which he explained that many people are extremely sensitive to fluoride, resulting in stiffness and pain in the spine, muscular weakness, stomach upsets and headaches. He reported that just taking people off the fluoridated water resulted in the absence of these symptoms.
So, the "arthritis" bothering you may just be a reaction to the fluoride in their water. How can you be sure? Drink only spring water that has not been fluoridated for a week and see if the symptoms go away. You'll need to avoid any coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. when you eat out as those are all made with tap water.

The history I've given above is from The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. A marvelous book with more than 100 pages of footnotes in addition to some photocopies of recently unclassified US Government documents. (2004, Seven Stories Press, NY)

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As always, I hope you found this information interesting if not helpful.  I bring you results of my extensive research into what lurks in our food and water supplies.  Of course, what you choose to do with this information is up to you.   It is my personal hope that it will lead you to your own investigation to learn more on these topics to make the right choices for you and your family. 

After all, it's all up to you!

To our health,


PS  -  Since my research is continually bringing up more questions, even posting this article did - wondered what sort of tools there are available to "defluoridate" our home drinking water on the market.  A quick Google search turned up quite a few  -  will be looking more into these before I write more articles/book on this subject.  Here's a link to what I found if you'd care to check more into it -- Google search results - "how to remove fluoride from tap water"

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