Friday, December 2, 2011

Beware the Baby Carrot Beast! ... Really? "Scarrot" Tactics or "Myth-Information"?


Such a Big Deal "they" are making over how baby carrots are made and especially how they are treated to keep bad bacteria from infiltrating their mini naked bodies within those little bags....  wow!

Recently, I received several messages from caring friends, asking if I was aware of the chlorine baths baby carrots are dipped in during processing and how this "white blush" surfaces after this toxin seeps up from its hiding spots within this food as proof of its contamination.... It appears that this e-mail "scare" is enjoying a resurgence of late.

Throw out the Baby Carrots with the Chlorine Bath Water?

Since I've been growingly concerned about what evils are lurking within our food supply like:  antibiotics; growth hormones; pesticides; genetically engineered ingredients; artificial flavorings, colorings and preservatives to name a few, I decided to dig deeper.  There are many articles addressing this concern.  Depending on the sources of these articles, there are predictably, conflicting reports.  The inspection agencies and the top carrot producers are naturally reassuring that all is well in Baby Carrot Land.    However, other reputable and seemingly more objective  sources are not sounding an alarm - saying that the carrots are rinsed in water containing chlorine, not "preserved" in it and thoroughly rinsed before packaging. 

Just from having learned this last bit does make me wonder the environmental impact of this step.  One article suggested that 10 times the amount of water is used to rinse baby carrots than in the processing of regular carrots, for example.  Also, I question whether the rinsing is sufficient to remove the chlorine from the interior of the vegetable, but it does appear that even if it does, the levels fall well within the "accepted standards" approved by the FDA. 

In any event, I would suggest that you do your own research to form your own opinion.  Based on what I have learned though, I plan to stick to organic, whole carrots that I will thoroughly wash with diluted white vinegar as I do all my organic vegetables (rinsing with water alone does not remove the film left from oils from produce shoppers and certainly will not remove the chemicals from pesticides from non-organic produce - especially vegetables with complex characteristics like broccoli).  I like to keep the skin on the vegetable to retain the additional nutrients found under the skin.   I personally love the taste and convenience of a carrot - especially the beta-carotine that converts into vitamin A that helps with night vision.

Follows are links to what I consider to be excellent articles for more information on this topic --

As always, thanks for listening to my opinion that I believe is well-researched and unbiased.  I invite you to share your comments and concerns on this as well as other related topics. 

After all, it's all up to you! 

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Lisa said...

Thanks for addressing this's always confused me and I love your solution!

Kelly Hayford said...

A friend went to buy a bag of baby carrots the other day when I pointed out the 'albino' carrot in the bunch. Seriously! The whole baby carrot was white with a slight yellow tinge -- just like when you bleach something. -- Needless to say, he didn't buy them and probably never will again. -- As I always say, the proof is in the pudding. -- or in the bago-o-carrots, in this case;-)

Christine Zipps said...

Thanks for comment, Lisa - glad you found the info helpful - I share your ocnfusion over this and think I understand it better myself now... :-)

Kelly, I appreciate your stopping by and sharing as well. That "albino" would have been a big turnoff for me as well. However, from what I'm understanding from the research is that there's no chlorine leaching out of the carrot for they aren't "marinated" in them, just rinsed with some chlorine water and then thoroughly rinsed before packaging. They talk about that "blush" as merely a carrot that has a dried surface. I'm still sticking to my plan to stick with organic whole carrots, clean them with diluted white vinegar rather than peel and cut into baby pieces to enjoy - seems the safer way to go.... Again, thanks for your input, for joining our "family" and for all you both do for the cause!