Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Testimonials and Thanksgiving Table Settings and Centerpiece Ideas

           I'm most grateful for endorsements, reviews and other types of support from others who have accomplished much in this natural food/health and wellness field.  Mike Anderson, author of "Eating", that got me started with this blog project provided a wonderful lead-in to my segment about the Vegan Thanksgiving Menu & Recipes segment.

           Also, Ms. Kelly Hayford, author of "If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!"  has been kind enough to share her insights into how we can benefit from plant-based nutrition through organic/Non-GMO foods and has proven quite the inspiration to me during my research for this blog.  I will be adding her specific comment details in the "Don't Panic - Go Organic!" section soon.

           Other leaders in this field including Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Gary Null have agreed to providing interviews to share with you in this blog format.  I am grateful for these and look forward to entering into these conversations with them in the new year.

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           I would imagine that most of you are looking forward to a lovely Thanksgiving celebration next week - I hope you will find my suggestions for a healthy menu with recipes helpful as well as Mr. Anderson's comments about the traditional dinner to be good "food for thought" as many of us look forward to setting plans in motion to improving our nutritional habits for a healthier future. 

           Here's an interesting link from our friends at HGTV with great ideas on setting a festive table and creative beautiful centerpieces!  HGTV Thanksgiving Table Settings and Centerpieces

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